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Golden Paws

The Golden Paws Dog Grooming Academy of Indiana offers the Golden Paws instructional dog grooming program created by Jacqueline Rauch who has used and refined this method over the last 35 years. You may wonder how you can go to school for 8 weeks and really learn quality dog grooming when other school programs may be longer. Training success in any field is all about the quality of the program. The Golden Paws method of teaching is unique. Jacqueline, who is a master stylist and one of the nation's top instructors, has broken down each step in the grooming process so the student quickly learns the styling skills needed to create beautifully finished breed designs or customize a style the customer desires.

Our instructors are professional stylists who are proficient with the training program. Each instructor aligns his or her styling skills alongside each instructional step in the program. Each one of these steps builds the framework in which the students develop their skills. For this reason it is essential for both the instructor and the student to follow the program steps in a systematic manner. We work with each student on an individual basis to help them reach their fullest potential. Our main priority is the student and if you need an extra week to feel comfortable, one will be provided at no charge.

The most important part of any training program is for you to receive the very best training. Students come to us worldwide for that training. You owe it to yourself to see why graduates who have been trained in the Golden Paws method go on to start successful businesses and careers.

  My name is Julie Timura, and I attended Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy in Kokomo Indiana, in October 2011. Once I made my decision to become a groomer, I visited 3 schools. Golden Paws by far was the cleanest, most organized working environment of the 3. Golden Paws also had the most hands on hours in their curriculum.
What I loved most about Golden Paws was that I never stopped learning. The entire time I was at the school, I was observing, or working on a dog, if there were no dogs to work on at the time, I was studying a book or watching an educational video. The curriculum prepares you to be able to groom any dog on your table, not just specific breeds. 
Golden Paws has a good variety of breeds to work on and as a graduate with my own business, I am very confident in setting patterns and fulfilling client requests.
The  Instructor, Christine McDonough, has many years of grooming experience, and is a Certified Master  Groomer. She does a wonderful job of teaching you to groom properly, boosting your confidence in yourself as a groomer and preparing you to be the best groomer you can possibly be. I am very grateful that I chose Golden paws and had Christine as my instructor.
 " Golden Paws is the best, first step you can take in becoming a professional Pet Groomer" -    Julie Timura

Golden Paws Dog Grooming Academy
311 S 00 EW
Kokomo, IN 46902

For information or to schedule a tour, please call 765-455-3093.

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