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Faculty & Administrators

Christine McDonough

Chief Administrator Officer / Instructor
Mrs. McDonough has 25 years of experience as owner operator of A Special Touch pet styling salon. The salon is a well established modern facility. She has incorporated her skills as a businesswoman and a caring and talented stylist to grow the business to include a large and loyal client base from which the students will benefit from by having a wide variety of breeds to apply their skills on. She also believes in giving back to the community and participates in local pet expos to help dog rescue groups. Mrs. McDonough runs all departments of the salon and school including marketing, financial management, client relations, organization and time management. She has combined her business skills, her styling skills and her love of the pets in her care to create a successful pet grooming venture. Her and her staff work in an organized, professional and relaxed manner that comes from experience and the love of their profession. Mrs. McDonough is an advocate of ongoing education. She attends seminars and will encourage her students to be life long learners.

The students will benefit in their career choice by attending Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy from learning the "art" as well as the mechanics of styling with an emphasis placed on professionalism in the work place. Mrs. McDonough has been trained in and teaches the "Golden Paws Instructional Method". 
Mrs. McDonough enjoys being able to teach pet styling and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. It is her goal to provide a quality education to people of all ages not only in pet styling but also exceptional pet care and professionalism in the pet grooming field.

Thomas McDonough

Professional Bathing and Drying Instructor
Thomas has 25 years of bathing, drying and finishing bath pets experience. He specializes in cats and has a special bond with animals.  Mr. McDonough believes every pet should look their best and correct pet bathing is the cornerstone of a quality finish. The students will learn excellent pet communication skills as well as client relations. He is also a master at organization and will teach the student not only excellent bathing skills but how to accomplish the pet's bath quickly and on time while still keeping the quality to a high standard. Mr. McDonough has received training in the "Golden Paws Instructional Method".
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